Car Memes

90 Car Memes To Speed Up Your Life

Do you believe Car Memes can speed up your life? If memes can change your life and make it easier for you then Car Memes surely can. In case you are a car lover then…

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Birthday Memes

88 Birthday Memes To Heat Up The Celebration

Birthday Memes are always special as Birthday is a special date to celebrate. You may celebrate your birthday or your friend’s birthday with Cheese, Cake and Wine but without memes you will feel like something…

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Baby Memes

85 Baby Memes That Will Make You ROFL

Babies are the gifts of the God and so Baby Memes are. Babies are sent to this world as the symbol of innocence. Even Baby Memes contains same amount of innocence in it with a…

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Pizza Memes

91 Pizza Memes That Are Damn Tasty

Pizza Memes are damn tasty as one can find variety of flavors. We can not think of our life without Pizza. It makes us smile every time we have a bite and does not matter…

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Coffee Memes

101 Coffee Memes To Recharge Your Day

Coffee Memes are attached to our emotion as Coffee is attached to our Soul. Coffee is not just a drink, it’s something more than that. It has the healing power to turn your bad day…

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Halloween Memes

85 Halloween Memes To Burn Some Calories With Laughter

Halloween Memes are tough to resist. It’s not easy to wait for Halloween throughout the year. But there is nothing to do at all unless one thing and that is reading memes on Halloween. That…

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Feminist memes

90 Feminist Memes To Remind Your Equal Rights

Feminist Memes is the only way to protest the stupidity in the name of feminism. Feminism now is not that what it used to be before. Some decades ago, Feminism was based on the equal…

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Drinking Memes

96 Drinking Memes To Make You High

A research Saying that Drinking Memes can make you high. But the Memes should the finest quality like you your Wine. In Jokerry, We maintain our quality to serve you the highest possible quality memes…

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Asian Memes

85 Asian Memes that are Hilarious AF

Asian Memes is hilarious because the meme plots are damn interesting. Asia is full of beautiful things with lot of diversities and so the Asian Memes. There are only a few memes on Asian over…

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