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15 Inventors Who Got Killed by Own Inventions

Scientists are the assets not only for their country but also for the world. With the help of patience and hard working, they can make an outstanding idea. And that idea can change the fate…

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15 Most Tallest Buildings In Asia

From the time of “Life in Forest or Cave” man had to choice higher shelter for their safety from wilds. By the change of era they need to build a higher structure for many purposes…

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Top 10 Highest Earning Political Leaders In The World

No doubt political leaders are the pioneers for the development of a country. A country runs to the way of nourishment by riding on the shoulders of its leaders. Many of us have immense curiosity…

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40 Stunning Photos That Capture The Best And The Worst Of Humanity

The total number of photograph that people takes everyday now and the total number of photograph that were taken in whole 20 centuries are almost same. At first, when the photograph were invented (during 1826-1827),…

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Meet With The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

Who don’t dream a dog as pet ! I am pretty sure that if you are a pet lover, dogs are on the above of that list. Dogs are the best friend of human being from many…

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12 Terrible Photos That Will Make You To Reconsider Your Love For The Ocean

The sea is uncharted territory for us and although many think that we have controlled … we know only 30%. Here we show a set of images that will give you that the sea is…

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