Top 15 Largest Sports Stadiums in the World

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Stadium is a place where outdoor sports, concerts and many events are arranged. A stadium consists of a field or track which is surrounded by a gallery ( completely or partly) from which many people can enjoy the arranged events. Here people come to enjoy sports ,they support the teams that are representing their countries and share the victory or defeat to each other.
There are many highly standard stadiums are constructed in the world. Here 15 biggest stadiums are described below according to their capacities.

15. Sanford Stadium
It is the home stadium for football team of University of Georgia. It is located in Athens, Georgia, United States. TC Atwood designed it and make it opened on 12 October, 1929. The surface is covered with Tifton 419 Bermuda grass. Its seating capacity is 92,746 and this capacity has included the stadium in the list of 15 biggest stadium in the world.

Sanford Stadium
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