Top 15 Fastest Trains In The World

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The invention of tyre was one of the greatest factors to modernize the human civilization. From the onset of using tyres man has started competing with time. They are paying their attention on increasing the speed of life by sophisticating the vehicles. Train is one of them that provides a new dimension. No doubt, it is one of the best versions that takes our destination nearer to us. There are many types and models of train. Let’s know about 15 fastest trains that is running on our earth.

1.Japanese Bullet Train
A train which takes 10 seconds to cross a mile, isn’t that extremely fast? Yes, the bullet is the fastest train in the world. This Japanese train is commercially used in Shanghai and runs usually in a speed of 431 km/h. But recently it showed its potentiality by running with a extreme speed of 603 km/h. Although its super speed, it runs very smoothly using electromagnetic energy that can make about a friction less ride. Again, its aerodynamic nose prevents the opposite obstruction of air. This bullet train can carry about 900 passengers at a time. For its outstanding speed, it is ranked first in our list.
japanese bullet train

2. Germany’s Transrapid TR-09
It is another which uses the magnetic-levitation technology. The system needs no axels, no wheel, no gear transmissions. It just hover above the line. This super speed train can be speeded up to 450 km/h. It can be accelerated or decelerated by 1m/sq. second. Germany planned for using the mag-lev technology in 1969 and started preparing every reports. In 1991, all the applications were approved by Deutsche Bundesbahn and other renowned Universities. Now a days, this super speed transport system is smoothly speeding up the way of life. (m.c)
Germany’s Transrapid TR-09

3. Shinkansen
The another Japanese bullet train is Shinkansen. It is also known as “Duck-Billed Platypus “. This bullet is running between two major cities Kyushu and Honshu and it runs in a speed between 300-320 km/h. But when testing, it was geared up to 443 km/h. The government is thinking to extend its service to Hokkaido within March. (m.c)

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