Top 10 Highest Earning Political Leaders In The World

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No doubt political leaders are the pioneers for the development of a country. A country runs to the way of nourishment by riding on the shoulders of its leaders. Many of us have immense curiosity on knowing about the wealth and lifestyle of renowned political leaders in the world. Obviously they are the highly qualified citizen of a country and paid a huge amount of salary for their contributions to development.

Why political leaders are paid a huge salary?
Without any confusion we can say that president, prime minister, members of the parliament are the top ranked citizen of a country. Because they lead their country to the development by using their knowledge, experience and various skills. Their revolutionary ideas can change the structural and economical condition of the country. So, they are no doubt worth for given a high salary.
Here are top paid political leader of the earth with some information and their payment ( all the amounts are converted to US Dollar)

10.Jacob Zuma
The famous leader, President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma is the 10thhighest paid politician in the world and 3rdamong the African leaders. The data says that he earns 272,000 US Dollar annually. With average earning of $12,240 per capita, Zuma earns 22 times above the average. (m.c)
Jacob Zuma

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