Meet With The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

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Who don’t dream a dog as pet ! I am pretty sure that if you are a pet lover, dogs are on the above of that list. Dogs are the best friend of human being from many years ago. But the matter of fact is how to choose the best dog that is suitable for you,your families and the neighbors. Even for your children. Now come to point, By knowing more about these most dangerous dogs easily choose the best one for you. Although, most dogs are initially used for the hunting and fighting purpose. Okay, no more talk. Check Out this most dangerous dogs breeds.

#1. Pit Bull
Pit Bull are the most dangerous dog breeds with up to 2 feet height and 8-15 life span. Normally the weight ranging from 35-80 pounds with 235 pounds of pressure per bite force. Although, Pit Bulls are considered most deadly attack dogs according to statistics, media reports, and medical examinations, the figure of this Pit Bull attracts the pet lovers to chose this dog as a pet yet. You can widely seen this dog in U.S. and Canada. (Media Credit)
Pit Bull

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