40 Stunning Photos That Capture The Best And The Worst Of Humanity

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The total number of photograph that people takes everyday now and the total number of photograph that were taken in whole 20 centuries are almost same. At first, when the photograph were invented (during 1826-1827), we already passed the 189 years from that time. In this long time, many historical moments were photographed and still now it’s continued. The history is pretty impressive from colonization to Hitler. And there is some moments that are pretty wonderful. Below is a list of photos that capture the best and worst of mankind, to remind us how we are and where we come from.

#1. The Prime Minister and the President of the Republic of Cuba Fidel Castro smoking cigar in a meeting with Khrushchev, Kremlin, 1963. Look at his left arm. He’s wearing two Rolex watches.
stunning historic photographs1

#2. The retreating Iraqi soldiers burned the oil fields in Kuwait, 1991. During that moment these Camels were passing through the area.
stunning historic photographs2

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