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If you are a great lover of Borderlands 2 video game and the most popular character Handsome Jack then you also love these quotes from him. Hope that you will like these quotes and enjoy it.

Handsome Jack is a character in Gearbox Software’s Borderlands video game franchise. The game Created by Gearbox Software and Voiced by       Dameon Clarke. The game was published in 2012. Handsome Jack is the President of the Hyperion Corporation, which takes control of the planet Pandora; and is the main antagonist of Borderlands 2.

Jack believes in his mind that he is the hero of the story being the heroic savior of everyone and that the world revolves around him. Jack was conceived early on as a fellow Vault Hunter “frenemy” before being changed to an outright villain to make Borderlands 2 clearer. Primary concerns fell on making him balance both the seriousness and humor of the game.

The third part of the game (Borderlands 3) was released on 2019. Handsome Jack has received critical acclaim. Dameon Clarke won “Best Performance by a Human Male” at the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards for Handsome Jack role.


“Handsome Jack here. When I opened the Vault and destroyed the Destroyer inside — ironic, I know! — I had a Hyperion weapon in my hand. When I cleaned up the frontier and burned that bandit settlement of New Haven to the ground, it was a Hyperion pistol I held in my fist. And goddamned every day as I watch over this planet, as its protector, as its champion, and as its hero, it’s Hyperion firearms I put my trust in. Hell, that’s why I bought the goddamn company in the first place. This is Handsome Jack, and I’m signing off on Hyperion! What do you guys think? Accent too much?” – Handsome Jack

“Hey there. This is Handsome Jack, reminding you that we at Hyperion are still offering bounties for Pandora’s most wanted. The reward has risen to eight billion dollars for the bandit we know as Brick — big guy, looks like he survives on nothing but ground beef and roids. And hookers. Uh, we’re also still offering six billion dollars for the capture of the ex-Under dome star known as Mordecai, as well as a small reward for the capture of his stupid little bird, Blood wing — oh, sorry. I, uh… read that backwards. It’s six billion for the bird, twenty bucks for the has-been. My mistake. And, as always, I am personally willing to offer thirty billion dollars for the capture of the bandit leader known Roland — double that if you use Hyperion weapons to bring him down, okay? Okay. Oh, and stop contacting us with questions regarding the bounty on the little freakshow known as Lilith — the fugitive was confirmed dead months ago, okay? Alright. Handsome Jack, signing off. Hyperion rules.” – Handsome Jack


“Citizens of Opportunity! You represent the beginning of a grand adventure. Opportunity is only the FIRST Hyperion city on Pandora. One day you’ll be saying, “Bandits? What’s a bandit? I can’t hear what you’re saying over the motor of this free blowjob machine Handsome Jack gave all of us.” – Handsome Jack

“Hey kids, did you know that your risk of being disemboweled increases by 80,000% upon leaving Opportunity? It’s a scientific fact!” – Handsome Jack

“Did you know that littering in Opportunity is punishable by death? If not, you also ought to know that complaining about Opportunity’s laws is considered verbal littering.” – Handsome Jack

“Did you know some people on Pandora still believe in silly superstitions like angels, demons, and ancient alien warriors? We call those people “bandits.” – Handsome Jack

“Hey kids, did you know what your mommies and daddies gave up so your family could live in Opportunity? Literally nothing! Your family paid to be here! I’m the one who feeds and protects everyone! Remember, we should all love our parents, but love me more.” – Handsome Jack


“There’s nowhere to hide now, suckers!” – Handsome Jack

“Child-murderer!” – Handsome Jack

“That was for my Angel!” – Handsome Jack

“This is MY planet!” – Handsome Jack

“You should’ve died when I told you!” – Handsome Jack

“This one is for Angel, jackhole!” – Handsome Jack

“Die!” – Handsome Jack

“Murderer!” – Handsome Jack

“My angel was happy!” – Handsome Jack

“This is when you die, bandit!” – Handsome Jack

“I’m gonna kill you and the rest of your stupid Vault Hunter friends!” – Handsome Jack

“Ah, you’re way too late! Just give up!” – Handsome Jack

“I’m gonna win!” – Handsome Jack

“You and ME, craphole! It all comes down to this!” – Handsome Jack

“This is the end, beautiful friend!” – Handsome Jack


“Now you see me!” – Handsome Jack

“See ya!” – Handsome Jack

“Bye-bye!” – Handsome Jack

“Try finding me, bandit!” – Handsome Jack

“Catch me if you can!” – Handsome Jack


“Hi jackass!” – Handsome Jack

“Oh, I’m right here!” – Handsome Jack

“Sup!” – Handsome Jack

“Yeah take it, bitch!” – Handsome Jack

“Over here!” – Handsome Jack


“Fight me assassin!” – Handsome Jack

“Somebody kills this freaking assassin!” – Handsome Jack

“Stop the assassin!” – Handsome Jack


“Take this!” – Handsome Jack

“Hey, did I show you my turret?” – Handsome Jack

“Hoho, have fun with this!” – Handsome Jack

“Stand in front of this, jackass!” – Handsome Jack


“Catch this!” – Handsome Jack

“INCOOOMING!!” – Handsome Jack

“GRENA-A-DE!” – Handsome Jack

“Hey, want a grenade?” – Handsome Jack

“Catch!” – Handsome Jack

“Eat it!” – Handsome Jack


“Try breaking through this, jackass!” – Handsome Jack

“Reinforcements, NOW!!” – Handsome Jack

“I want some reinforcements, now!” – Handsome Jack


“Alright, safe again!” – Handsome Jack

“You like my reflector shield, pretty sweet, huh?” – Handsome Jack

“I’m invincible bitch!” – Handsome Jack

“No-no-nope!” – Handsome Jack

“Hum, how does these bullets taste, dumbass?” – Handsome Jack

“That’s right, shoot the reflector shield genius!” – Handsome Jack

“HA-HAHA-HAH!!!” – Handsome Jack

“Stop shooting yourself, stop shooting yourself!!” – Handsome Jack

“Bullets can’t go through!” – Handsome Jack

“Oh, what’s going on, you can’t hurt me anymore oh that’s gotta be SO FRUSTRATING!” – Handsome Jack


“Son of a… How the hell you did that?!” – Handsome Jack

“Son of a BITCH!” – Handsome Jack

“CRAP! Crapcrapcrap!!” – Handsome Jack

“Shit-shitshitshit!!” – Handsome Jack

“Slag you!” – Handsome Jack


“Gonna make it, fight through the pain, Jack…! Come on!” – Handsome Jack

“Not gonna die here too…!” – Handsome Jack

“I’m fine. I’m the hero…!” – Handsome Jack

“Oh, dammit… COME ON!” – Handsome Jack

“Murdering bandit… MURDERER!” – Handsome Jack

“You’re not gonna die here Jack… You’re okay!” – Handsome Jack

“Urgh… Come on… COME ON!” – Handsome Jack


“He-heh! There you go!” – Handsome Jack

“Stay down!” – Handsome Jack

“Now, die.” – Handsome Jack


“No, no, no… I can’t die like this… Not when I’m so close… And not at the hands of a filthy bandit! I could have saved this planet! I could have actually restored order! And I wasn’t supposed to die by the hands… Of a child killing psychopath!! You’re a savage! You’re a maniac, you are a bandit, and I am the goddamn hero!” – Handsome Jack

“The Warrior was practically a god! How- How in the hell have you killed my Warrior?” – Handsome Jack

“You idiots! The Warrior could have brought peace to this planet! No more dangerous creatures, no more bandits, Pandora-it would have been a PARADISE!” – Handsome Jack


“Too many people die. Give me a break! That’s what people DO!” – Handsome Jack

“Hail to the king, baby!” – Handsome Jack

“Everyone thinks they’re the hero of their own story.” – Handsome Jack


“Please don’t send me back there! It’s not like they say… there’s nothing… there’s absolutely nothing there… Don’t do this. No!” – Handsome Jack

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