101 Funny Memes that Will Never Be Old

81. What’s that

Funny Memes

82. So the genie asked me, “what do you want? A better memory or a longer Peni$?”

-And what did you say?

I don’t remember

Funny Memes

83. when you put something in the shopping cart and hope your mum won’t notice

Funny Memes

84. School trip to Iraq

Girls: OMG it’s gonna be so hot


Funny Memes

85. Soap kills 99.9% of bacteria

0.01% that survived:

Funny Memes

86. I forgot what an elephant face looks like halfway through this painting

Funny Memes

87. You should try something else

Funny Memes

88. How u got that verification badge?

Funny Memes

89. Love is really strong

-But a combine harvester is even stronger

Funny Memes

90. Women: Stop body shaming us, it’s disgusting

Men: *has small penis


Funny Memes

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