101 Funny Memes that Will Never Be Old


51. Fresh Buns

Funny Memes

52. App: would you like to rate our app

Me: no but thank you for asking

Funny Memes

53. parents: our kid’s a teenager now. i’m afraid pretty soon he is gonna be having sex, drinking, and going to parties

me at age 20:

Funny Memes

54. The word $lut make more sense than Help

Funny Memes

55. Jake, do we have anymore dopted’s in the cabinet?

-What is a dopted?


You are adopted!

-Verry funny dad

I am not ur dad

Funny Memes

56. Guy: We need to stop our products on schools

Boss; Why? pencil companies do it all the time

Guy: Ya but we make guns

Funny Memes

57. Kid at a a store looking at lollipops

Kid: Uncle, Can I have one?

Uncle: No, we have lollipops at home

Lollipop at home:

Funny Memes

58. No one:

White people:

Funny Memes

59. When mom takes away my fidget spinner

Funny Memes

60. Little me goes to the dollar store with one dollar*

Cashier: Total is 1.06$


Funny Memes

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