101 Funny Memes that Will Never Be Old

41. mom can i get a phone

Mom: No we have phone at home

At home:

Funny Memes

42. Reaction of kids at different place

Funny Memes

43. Mom, i broke the lamp


Because nobody shines brighter than me

Funny Memes

44. Titanic starts sinking

Lobsters in the kitchen:

Funny Memes

45. adults: I want to become a teen again

teens: I want to become a kid again

kids: I want to grow up

me, an intellectual:

Funny Memes

46. Every time when your parent give their backstory

Funny Memes

47. Me: steals the heart of  cute girl

Everyone else in the surgery room:

Funny Memes

48. Am i the only one?

Funny Memes

49. When you finally agree to a three$ome and your man giving the guy all the $ick

Funny Memes

50. UK: bans porn:

NordVPN: Hello, i like money

Funny Memes

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