101 Funny Memes that Will Never Be Old

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Funny Memes are never too old to love. That is the main reason we collected some Funny memes that are evergreen. No matter in what situation you are going through, these memes will never fail to make you laugh. If anyone doesn’t laugh after reading these memes then they should get a life.

Memes are the food of a healthy mind. Researchers are saying that reading good memes daily are beneficial to mind’s health. Jokes apart, these memes posted below are seriously funny. Don’t blame us if you die out of laughter.

1. Me when playing a sad/depression song

Funny Memes

2. Opening $orn video

Going back after seeing that they are having $ex without the story

Funny Memes

3. Anti-vax moms when their kid doesn’t die on their 3rd birthday

-well, that did not work

Funny Memes

4. When you see the pothole but it is too late

Funny Memes

5. Now that I have your attention

Mark’s Lawn Care

Funny Memes

6. Repeat after me.. men are stupid.

I agree, I mean your father could have used a c0nd0m, but here you are

Funny Memes

7. So cute, You look just like your father

Funny Memes

8. Me: I wanna be spider-man

My uncle:

Funny Memes

9. me, ready to c#m

video points on guys face

Cameraman: I am about to end this man’s whole career

Funny Memes

10. My FBI agent watching me turn on incognito mode for the 6th time

Funny Memes

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