101 Dank Memes that will Lift Up Your Spirit

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71. when I can’t afford that pc I want

72. Born just in time to explore dank memes

73. when you show your girl a dank meme and she doesn’t laugh

74. Me: Open Blackboard in church to check grades because for sure God won’t forsake me in his own house.


75. When u boutta n$t but she wakes up

76. That one friend who is really good at guiding everyone’s acid trrip

77. when your stepdad is beating the $hit out of your little brother then turns around and says why are you ma$turbating?

78. Your girl looking at food when she said she wasn’t hungry

79. 8 hours at the hairdresser just to look like a huge peni$

80. Facial hair gone for now. Let the jokes fly

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