27 Most Interesting Facts About The Music legend Elvis Presley

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22. Led Zeppelin was huge fan of Presley.
Led Zeppelin was a huge fan of Presley. Several times she tried to meet with him but can’t. At last in 1973 she meet finally. She was just speechless after the conversation with Presley.
elvis presley with Led Zeppelin

23. Elvis got ‘C’ in music.
The most un-expecting news that the great singer got ‘C’ in 8th grade. But in future the boy become a music legend.
elvis presley got c in music

24. Elvis was unable to read music.
There is no doubt that he is the idol of music but he was not the ability to read music. So, he can’t write his song composition. All he sang is from his mind.
elvis presley can't write songs

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