27 Most Interesting Facts About The Music legend Elvis Presley

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13.‘Elvis Presley’ father in law of ‘Michael Jackson’
Elvis was the father in law of Jackson. Elvis daughter ‘Elvis Marie Presley’ got marry with Michel Jackson.
Elvis Presley Vs Michael Jackson

14. 15 song containing 1 word as title.
May be the word ‘blue’ was most favorite to Presley. He sang 15 song that has the title ‘blue’. Most of these songs are very popular to all and those song are in his hit list.
moody blue by elvis presley

15. His top hit song was based on a true story.
Elvis’s top breakthrough song was written according to a true story. The song had the title ‘Heartbreak Hotel. Which published in 1956. The song was about a true suicide story published in newspaper article.
heartbreak hotel elvis presley

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