27 Most Interesting Facts About The Music legend Elvis Presley

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10. Elvis was a black belt carrier in karate.
In 1952 when he was in Germany for his army duty he learned Martial art. He also got black belt for his this. He got the name ‘Tiger’ for his karate performance. When he backed in America Hank Slemansky rewarded him.
Elvis black belt in karate

11. His favorite movie actor was Tony Curtis.
Though Elvis was an actor but he has an idol. He loved Tony Curtis because of his acting. There was an especial reason also, he loved him especially for his shiny black hair.
Tony Curtis

12. Presley has a lot of hobbies.
Presley has a lots of hobbies than the others. He loves to do different things along with music. He loves Numerology, Football, karate, monopoly. Along with this he loves gospel singing.
Presley playing football

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