27 Most Interesting Facts About The Music legend Elvis Presley

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4. He served in the US army.
He served the US army when he was 23. He was already famous then. In 1958 he become the amidest major media coverage. Here he got training at fort hood, Texas. At this time his mother was serious ill and after few days he lost his mother.
elvis presley as military

5. His name is a popular password.
Research shows that Presley is the popular common password for computer. Generally people loves him and he is well popular also. People generally likes to use his name as personal password.

6. Elvis got a offer to sing in air when he was 12.
When Elvis was 12 he got an offer to sing on air but he was too shy to do it. And he cancelled it. That proves that he was too shy in childhood.
Elvis singing in studio

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