27 Most Interesting Facts About The Music legend Elvis Presley

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Elvis Presley was an American most popular singer, musician and actor. He was popular as “The king of rock and roll”. This great musician was born in January 8, 1935. After 39 years of his death he is still now popular for his great musical ability, mesmerizing voice and special hip dance. He was popular in rock and roll, pop , country, blues, gospel, rhythm & blues. He was also enable to play piano and guitar besides vocals.

Here is top 27 interesting facts about Elvis Presley….

1. He has a twin brother.
In 8 January,1935 Elvis Presley borne in Tupelo, Mississippi just after 30 minute of his twin brother borne. But his twin brother died after birth.
Elvis Presley

2. His hair wasn’t real.
His popular and well known black hair wasn’t the real color, he dyed it. Its actual color was brown. Very few people are known about it.
Elvis Presley hair

3. Elvis 11th birthday gift.
Elvis got a guitar in his 11th birthday gifted by his father. But it was disappointing to him. He wanted a bike instead, but his poor father can’t afford it. Some people says that he wanted a Rifle.
elvis presley with guitar

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