19 Very Interesting Facts Of The Busiest New York City

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New York is the most Busiest city in the U.S. Not only in U.S. even around the world. Seems like the New York City never sleep. It’s also highly populated where more than 26,000 people live in each square mile. About 1 in every 38 people living in the United States resides in New York City. The total population of NYC Is greater than 39 of the 50 states. It’s very hard to find out the most interesting facts among all the facts of New York city. We just tried to find out those interesting facts about the New York city and at last these are the most interesting facts of New York City. Check Out.

#1. New York Yankees
The New York Yankees are an American professional baseball team presently based in the Bronx, New York City, New York. This Yankees organization began it’s journey in 1901 as the Baltimore Orioles. After purchased this team by Frank Farrell and Bill Devery it moved to New York City. After shifting the club renamed New York Highlanders. In 1913 the New York Highlanders were officially renamed as the “Yankees”. (Media Credit)
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