16 Interesting Facts About George Timothy Clooney

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A man who can play with your eyes as a thief by his magical acting and who can enter in your casino as pilfer and exit with millions. Yes, I’m talking about George Timothy Clooney. Every viewer knows him George Clooney. Clooney is a kind of actor who can save lives in surgery, and voice a crafty, abducting fox. Clooney is the last true movie superstar in the film industry. Countless women are mad for him around the world. Well let’s have a look at a few things about which you may curious and which you may not know about this wonderful guy..

#1 Struggle for role
Clooney was a struggling star. He auditioned many time for getting role in cinema. He auditioned five time for getting a role but finally that role went to his friend Brad Pitt and ejected Pitt to super-Stardom, auditioned held for Ridley Scott for the of J.D in Thelma and Louise. In the early 80s, he was working as a struggling actor and he lived in a friend’s closest.
George Clooney early aged pic

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