15 Most Tallest Buildings In Asia

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From the time of “Life in Forest or Cave” man had to choice higher shelter for their safety from wilds. By the change of era they need to build a higher structure for many purposes not only for rehabilitation but also for housing of business firm, commercial purposes, hotel businesses and also to attract the tourism.Skyscrapers are started to be built because they provide immense space in a little ground surface. So, they are much convenient and also a point of tourist attraction. Let’s take a look of these 15 skyscrapers of Asia.

15. Jin Mao Tower
It is another skyscraper of China located in 88 century avenue, Pudong district, Shanghai 200121, China. Its construction began in 1994 and after a cost of $530 billion USD, it was completed in 1999. The famous architect Adrian Smith at SOM designed this building and it is used as hotels, offices and retail. This Neo-futurism styled building is an another famous tourist attraction of China. For its height of 420.5m, it is 15th in our list of tallest buildings of Asia.
Jin Mao Tower

14. Marina 101
It is another skyscraper of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its construction started in 2007. It has already topped-out and can be open in 2016. National Engineering Bureau designed it and its antenna spire will be 426.5 meters.
Marina 101

13. Wuhan Center
It is an under construction building located in Wuhan, Hubei, China. The super tall skyscraper was topped out on 16 April, 2015 and its estimated completion year is 2016. After completion, the skyscraper will provide immense space for offices, residential and hotels. This 438m tall building is going to be an amazing structure of China.
Wuhan Center

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