15 Most Ridiculous Cars Ever Made

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Now a days cars are not used in only necessary usage.Today it is also a subject of fashion and entertainment. Thousands of engineers over the world are working to make improved and fashionable designs of cars. Walking through the same way, some creative persons have prepared some ridiculous designed cars. Let’s see 15 most ridiculous cars that ever built in the world.

1. The Trojan Horse Car
It is an amazing car which was designed from a conception that described in Odyssey. The Greeks made a horse and by the help of it ,they invaded Troy. Taking the conception, Larry Fullerton designed the weirdest or coolest car named “The Trojan Horse Car”. Larry owned this world champion car from late 1960 till his death in 1981. In 1972 he and his amazing car won the NHRA world championship and set a world record at that time.

The Trojan Horse Car
Media Credit: thingsrated.com

2. Rinspeed X-Trem
Rinspeed is a Swiss automobile manufacturer and designer company. They are famous for the creation of innovative design of cars. Porsche, Subaru and some other world famous brands are the results of their creative conception and modification. But in 1999, they manufactured a strange car, by attaching a 5.5 liter V8 engine with a Mercedes G-wagen. Then they added a hovercraft and after that it was looking like a functional crane, seemed that it was manufactured for loading and unloading baggage. No doubt, it was a strange structure to look at.

Rinspeed X-Trem
Media Credit: automobilesreview.com

3. Tang Hua Detroit Fish
The name “Detroit Fish” is very peculiar for a car which was manufactured by Detroit. It resembles like a fish or a small version of a school bus. While designing, the officials showed their ingenious strategy and first revealed it at a auto show in 2008. They sold a piece to Ex President George W. Bush for his ranch and it was an excellent event for their advertisement. This is another ridiculous design in the world of cars.

Tang Hua Detroit Fish
Media Credit: dmarge.com

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