15 Most Powerful Militaries In The World

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Military is a team that is authorized by government and facilitates with weapons required for protecting a country and its citizens from internal or foreign threats. The specially trained persons who are skillful in operating weapons are employed in military.

Why military is important?
If we pay attention to world history we will see many clashes including two world wars took place in different parts of the world. Many provinces were conquered and citizens were enslaved by others.For various purposes any country can be attacked. So, to protect a land from outer threats; a trained, skillful organized team facilitates with fire-weapons is needed. Almost every state has an organized military for their welfare. But they are not equally strong and powerful. Here we made a list of 15 most powerful militaries in the world.

15. Australia
Active personnel:57,982
Reserved personnel:23,232
Total budget: $26.1 billion
australian military

Australian Defense Force was founded in 1901 and came to the current form in 1976. Though Australian military is small, the fact that boosted Australia in this list is their fleets of tanks and attack helicopters. Because of the number of active personnel and costing about 1.92 % of their GDP, Australian military has become the 15th powerful military in the world. (m.c)

14. Israel
Active personnel:1,60,000
Reserved personnel:4,45,000
Total budget: $17 billion USD.
Israeli military

Israel Defense Force was established in 1948 and PM Benjamin Netanyahu & Defense minister Moshe Ya’alon are on the leadership of the military. Surrounding by some aggressive neighboring countries, they focused on strengthen the army. Despite of having a small military, with the mandatory military service the general population has become militarily experienced. (m.c)

13. Taiwan
Active personnel:290,000
Reserved personnel:1,675,000
Total budget:$10.7 billion USD
taiwan military
Taiwan was tensed about the continuous plan of China to intake and invade other countries. So they put a great emphasis on the improvement of their defense. They have a large fleet of tank and 5th largest fleet of attack helicopters. (m.c)

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