15 Most Expensive Buildings In The World

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There are thousands of buildings that are beautifully decorated , highly ornamented, luxurious and gorgeous with excellent interiors and exteriors. They are used as residential apartments, offices, shopping malls, hotels and contain all the facilities required for leading a modern lifestyle. Without any confusion we can say that these buildings were cost billions of currency for making them more elegant and gorgeous. No doubt, they are the most expensive constructions in the world. Here are top 15 highly classified, most expensive buildings existing on the earth.

15. Trump Taj Mahal
The great Taj Mahal of India worked as theme for this structure. It was opened in 2 April, 1990 and Michael Jackson performed in the inauguration ceremony. The total cost was nearly $1 billion USD for completing the Trump of Taj Mahal. It addresses in 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey. Trump International Resorts owns the casino. Still it is placed in the ranking of most expensive buildings in the world. (m.c)


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