15 Inventors Who Got Killed by Own Inventions

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13. Franz Reichelt
He was born in 1879 in Vienna, Austria. Reichelt was an tailor and inventor who designed a parachute with his clothes. Then he took permission to jump from Eiffel Tower for the experiment. Parisian police thought that he will use a dummy. But Reichelt used himself for the experiment and jumped off the Eiffel tower. But his parachute was not perfect and he faced a crash landing on the concrete. Reichelt was the parachuting pioneer who died in 4 February, 1912. (m.c)
Franz Reichelt

14. Li Si
Li Si was the chancellor under Qin dynasty in 3rd century B.C. He devised a Five Pain Execution method. It was a punishing or execution method performed serially with 5 steps. At first, victims head was branded ; cut off his nose; cut off his feet; made him castrated and finally execute him. Li Si was the deviser of this horrible method. After the death of Qin Shi Huang, Zhao Gao installed his chosen prince for the King and Li Si was executed by him by his invented method. (m.c)
Li Si

15. Valerian Abakovsky
Abakovsky was born on 5 October, 1895 in Latvia. He invented a propeller driven rail. It gained popularity among the Soviet Union officials. They went for a test drive. While returning a compartment was derailed and 6 out of 22 officials died including Abakovsky at the age of 25. They all were buried in Kremlin Wall Necropolis. (m.c)
Valerian Abakovsky

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