15 Inventors Who Got Killed by Own Inventions

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10. Abu Nasr Isma’il ibn Hammad al Jawhari
He is remembered as Author of an Arab Dictionary. He was a lexicographer and theologian of 10th and 11th century.
He managed two wooden wing and set those with his hands. He thought that they would have helped in flying. So he leaft off the roof of Nisabur Mosque and failed to fly. As a result, instant death sent him to heaven. (m.c)
Abu Nasr Isma'il ibn Hammad Al Jawhari

11. Marie Curie
She is an famous scientist, well known to all over the world. This 2 times Nobel prize winner was born in 7 November, 1867 in Poland. She discovered radium, polonium and few other radioactive particles. Her work helped in the development of X-ray. She was given Nobel prize both in physics and chemistry. She is the only among the Nobel prize winners who is honored in 2 sections. Her research produced huge radiations and for that she was affected with leukemia. In 1934, her own discovery killed her gradually. (m.c)
Marie Curie

12. Karel Soucek
Soucek was born in 19 April, 1947 and a Canadian professional stuntman. He went over Niagara falls in 1984 by a homemade barrel. Houston Astrodome was his self-made barrel. On 19 January , 1985, he went for a dangerous stunt. He was enclosed in the barrel and clipped the edge of a 180 feet tank. A soft pad was added to the bottom of the barrel but the barrel was not fallen on its center. So, Soucek was seriously injured. His skull was broken and abdomen was crushed. He died on 20 January, 1985. (m.c)
Karel Soucek

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