15 Inventors Who Got Killed by Own Inventions

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4. William Bullock
He was born in 1813 in New York. In 1863, he invented a sophisticated version of rotary printing press which was the first Modern printing press. Because of its effectiveness and speed. The printing press propelled him into international stardom. In 1867, while running the press, Bullock got an accident and the gear of the press caught and crushed his leg. After that, gangrene developed in his leg and during amputation operation, he died. (m.c)
William Bullock

5. Alexander Bogdanov
Alexandra Bogdanov was born in 22 August, 1873 in Poland. He tried to accelerate the speed of medical science. He began to experiment with blood transfusion in 1920 for the development of eternal youth. He persuaded Stalin for the establishment of Institute of Blood Transfusion. After 11 transfusions, Bogdanov noticed an improved eyesight and his balding was also suspended. But after a few days, he took blood contaminated with malaria parasite and tuberculosis. For taking this blood, he had to accept an unfortunate death. (m.c)
Alexander Bogdanov

6. Thomas Andrews
He is the designer of the great ship Titanic and he suggested to take at least 46 life boats. Despite his advice, only 20 life boats were taken. He was born in 7 February, 1873 in Ireland and drowned in Atlantic ocean on 15 April, 1912 with Titanic. At the last hours, he was helping the frightened people in finding and wearing life jackets. Andrews was last seen in the smoking room, looking at a picture “ Approach to the New World”. His body could not be recovered. (m.c)
Thomas Andrews

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