15 Inventors Who Got Killed by Own Inventions

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Scientists are the assets not only for their country but also for the world. With the help of patience and hard working, they can make an outstanding idea. And that idea can change the fate of his country or the fate of whole world in a day. A proper usage of an invention can bring revolution and the negative usage can lead to a disaster. Single wrong usage can take thousands of lives. It only depends on consumer who is using that. A scientist can never use his knowledge for taking life. But there are a number of scientists whose invention itself has written his fate to death. Here are 15 scientists who got killed unfortunately by their own invention:

1. Francis Edgar Stanley
Francis Edgar Stanley is an American businessman who was born in 1 June,1849. He with his twin brother FreelanOscar Stanley founded the Stanley Motor Carriage Company. In 1896, they invented Stanley Steamer and started its production from the factory. In 1906, their steamer broke all the world records by crossing a mile in the lowest time; in 28.2 seconds. That means the steamer ran with a speed of 127mph or 205 kmph. It was not ordinary matter for that time. In 1918, the brothers sold their business. Later that year, Francis was driving his car and on a point, he turned his car sharply hoping to avoid an obstacle. But the car lost its balance and overturned. Francis got a serious injury and died in 13 July, 1918. Thus his invention pulled him to heaven. (m.c)
Francis Edgar Stanley

2. Jean François Pilatre de Rozier
He is the first human who launched for a hot air balloon flight to cross the English channel in 1783 (with Marquis d’Arlandes). It has helped him to gain fame. Two other men later tried to cross the English channel by balloon flight with an imperfect balloon and drawn.At that time they were in top of public discussion. As Rozier was no longer in attention, he was envious of them who sank in the English Channel. So he paid his attention to Rozier balloon and made that almost free from the problems which the others faced. He took a preparation to cross the English Channel. But during attempting for journey, something went wrong mysterious and he died in the flight. (m.c)
Jean François Pilatre de Rozier

3. Louis Slotin
Louis Alexander Slotin is a Canadian physicist and chemist who was born in 1 December, 1910. He with another 7 scientists conducted a research at Los Alamos National Laboratory. There he was working with plutonium cores and uranium and his goal was to determine their critical mass values. On 21 May, 1946 , he started a fission reaction. He and his team performed that more than 24 times before. But on that day the screwdriver that kept the two halves from touching slipped, caused a burst of radiation. For a lethal dose of radiation, Slotin affected with acute radiation syndrome and after 9 days, on 30 May, he died. (m.c)
Louis Slotin

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