10 Most Weirdest Deaths Of 2015

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In every years thousands of people died in weird ways. In 2015 no different from them. We made a list of people who died in weirdest ways in this year. All of them are tragic. These people are the only reason of their craziest deaths. If you are feeling bad by reading this crazy death list of 2015 then have some funny photos to cheer up yourself and start again.

#1. Woman Died By Frozen
Chelsea a 24 years old woman from Lav Vegas froze herself in Cryotherapy Machine. Cryotherapy is a low temperatures medical therapy what is mainly used for tissue damage. It’s works awesome for the skin in just 3 minutes. But this woman got more and more than 3 minutes. She locked herself in a cryochamber for 10 hours she was found dead the next morning. (M.C)
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