Hidden Meaning Behind These 15 Famous Logos

Logos are everywhere around us. Online, on the streets, on billboards even in our homes. We are able to recognize the markers only by their logos or just for the colors associated with them. But there is a hidden story behind many of the brands and logos that we see every day. Check Out…

Famous logos1

You may have noticed that the Amazon logo looks like a smiley face, but a second look to notice that the arrow goes from A to Z. This describes the wide selection of products from Amazon is needed: literally everything from A to Z.

Famous logos2

McDonalds logo represents the M of his name, but has become so iconoclastic also gives reference to “golden arches” milestones of American food. On the other hand, has spoken of the rounded shape of the M based on the female breast.

Famous logos3

The Apple logo calls to mind “the tree of knowledge” from the Book of Genesis. The apple has gone from rainbow stripes to solid colors and, finally, to today’s white or half-grey solid color.

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