33 Photos Showing That Russian Ingenuity Surpasses All Others

We have seen a lot of crazy things happening in Asian countries like Japan and China, and Russia is not far behind. Russia apparently wants to join the list of the rare countries in the world.And the Russians can become quite confusing….. One of the most famous Russian proverb that children learn at an early age in school is “no reason laughter is a sign of stupidity.” Smiling for no reason is almost a synonym of futile effort. So we can conclude that Russia’s smile is not an essential part of communication but a reflection of the extreme circumstances of humor and prosperity…… By any chance you get to the world’s largest country and you realize that people just laugh, do not be surprised or feel offended, just consider it an exotic local tradition. But overall, the Russians have very good humor, and know how to enjoy life, and use very well his wits to solve the circumstances, sometimes doing things totally crazy! As I will demonstrate the examples in this compilation of images below. Check out!

russian ingenuity1

russian ingenuity2

russian ingenuity3

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