27 Massive Machines That Will Destroy Your Sense Of Measurement

When we come across something that is visible by our eyes, consciously or unconsciously we try to figure out what could be its exact size or weight by means of our known measuring standards. But there are some things around us that if we even we think of measuring them – it would be an insult to them. Now, taking what just had been said above into your account, don’t start to think of oceans, mountains or pyramids. They are gigantic, no doubt, and everyone knows about them; but have you ever thought about there are machines which are made by humans can scare you with its enormous size and shape? It is quite likely that you may have crossed path with one or two of them, but never really noticed or thought about it that way. If you think about them that way, you will surely discover that the general sense of measurement is no match for those things. Now, to help you recall and, in some cases, to make an introduction, the following list has been put together, 27 massive machines that humans have created.

1. A CT Scanner machine without it’s cover.
massive machines1

2. Largest Wind Turbine Blade
massive machines2

3. VB 10000 Oil Rig Remover
massive machines3

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