24 Vintage Gadgets That Are Truly WTF

People are inventing many things to met our daily demand. But probably you didn’t seen these ridiculous inventions long before the hands free scooter was invented. It’s hard to explain these WTF vintage gadgets.

1. The Invisible Hand
vintage gadgets1

2. Rain and snow for the face
vintage gadgets2

3. Baby Stroller Protected From Gas Attacks
vintage gadgets3

4.Camera revolver that takes photo when you fire with it.
vintage gadgets4

5. “The Yodel Meter”
vintage gadgets5

6. Dog Restrainer
vintage gadgets6

7. The Family Bicycle
vintage gadgets7

8. Gas saving process.
vintage gadgets8

9. The hangover mask
vintage gadgets9

10. Dimple Maker
vintage gadgets10

11. The shower hood
vintage gadgets11

12. This flying machine made by Robert Courter
vintage gadgets12

13. For those who are serious smoker.
vintage gadgets13

14. Dashboard coffee maker
vintage gadgets14

15. One wheel motorcycle
vintage gadgets15

16. Power Mower Deluxe
vintage gadgets16

17. Brush that can shine your scalp and brushes your hair.
vintage gadgets17

18. Vibrating Bra
vintage gadgets18

19. Soup cooler spoon
vintage gadgets19

20. See-Through Boats 
vintage gadgets20

21. Automatic tips requester.
vintage gadgets21

22. Monopod Seats
vintage gadgets22

23.Spaghetti Spinners
vintage gadgets23

24. Rocket-Propelled Bicycles
vintage gadgets24
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