21 Creepiest Wikipedia Pages You Can Check

Today we collect the most Creepiest pages from Wikipedia.If you are weak kindly don’t see this post..

1.Joyce Vincent
Creepiest Wikipedia Pages
Vincent was dead in her apartment for three years with the TV left on before she was discovered.

2.The FlatWoods Monster
Creepiest Wikipedia Pages2
Three boys witnessed something crashing down to Earth, they tracked it and found a creature surrounded by a cloud of mist and “emitting a shrill hissing noise.” The boys, who breathed the mist, experienced “vomiting and convulsions” for several weeks.

3.Taman Shud Case
Creepiest Wikipedia Pages3
On 1st December 1948, a dead body washed up on a beach in Adelaide, Australia. No-one has been able to identify the man to this day, but in his pocket they found a piece of paper that read “tamam shud” which means “finished” in Persian – weird right.

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