15 Best Oceanfront Hotels Around The World

The best of the best oceanfront hotels around the world. You will never want to leave after going there.

15. The Mulia, Indonesia
oceanfront hotels1
Mulia open since 2013 and it has more than 800 suites. Though it’s not so big but it’s well decorated. It already pics up some awards. (via flickr / @nyet)

14. Qualia, Australia
oceanfront hotels2
Qualia has 60 private pavilions and situated on northern tip of Hamilton Island. It’s on the middle of Great Barrier Reef. (via flickr / Alan Rappa)

13. Viceroy Riviera Maya, Mexico
oceanfront hotels3
Maya has 41 villas and it’s very popular among the adventurous travelers because of it’s Opalescent beaches and tropical forests. (via Facebook / Viceroy Riviera Maya)

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